Health Information Management Manager

Twelve Clans Unity Hospital

Job Purpose & Position Overview

The primary purpose of this position is to provide leadership, coordination, planning and overall direction to the Health Information Management (“HIM”) department.  This includes management of all HIM operational and administrative functions including, but not limited to:

  • EHR record analysis
  • Record completion, prepping, transcription, scanning and quality control
  • HIM release-of-information
  • Record transmission, indexing, abstracting, coding
  • Record filing and storage, retrieval and maintenance
  • Policies, procedures, standards and objectives development and oversight
  • Budgeting
  • Quality planning and improvement; project management
  • Audit response
  • Vital statistics and statistical reports
  • Staff hiring, training, evaluation and supervision
  • Regulatory compliance with all CMS, The Joint Commission, federal and tribal laws, and voluntary standards which are considered policy for the organization
  • Action planning and education of leaders and staff regarding regulatory activities and opportunities for improvement
  • Forms control and change management
  • Investigation of patient concerns and coordination of grievance management related to patient privacy and the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of patient identifiable information
  • Assuring and facilitating all patient rights related to clinical records
  • Collaboration with all facets of the revenue cycle teams
  • Other duties as assigned

Specific Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Plans and develops medical record systems which meet the standards of various federal and tribal laws, accreditation and regulatory agencies
  • Performs qualitative and quantitative analysis of medical records to ensure the required documentation components of the medical record are present, proper terminology is used and forms and correspondence are filed in the proper sequence.
  • Reviews and analyzes medical records, makes a final determination as to whether or not the record is complete or whether it must be returned to the provider for additions and/or corrections.  Ensures medical records are complete and accurate so correct information is available for future care and treatment.
  • Assures master patient index integrity and maintains processes surrounding data integrity
  • Provides direct oversight and supervision to the various staff within the Health Information Management (“HIM”) department
  • Maintains adequate dialogue with direct reports and employees and maintains at least monthly staff meetings.  Provides direct reports with the resources, tools and training they require to meet expected performance levels.  Provides timely feedback on direct reports’ performance and makes recommendations for improvement.
  • Ensures that diagnoses are properly ranked and sequenced, co-morbidities and complications are accurately documented and coded.
  • Develops department goals and objectives, and establishes and implements policies and procedures for departmental operations
  • Develops and recommends department operating budget and ensures that department operates within budget
  • Participates in a coordinates committee functions related to medical records health information management systems
  • Participates in hospital/ medical staff committee meetings as required
  • Develops and implements procedures to respond to subpoenas and various third party and patient requests to ensure that release of information meets legal requirements; coordinates requests for amendments and other processes to honor patient rights
  • Performs investigations into patient complaints or grievances regarding the confidentiality, integrity or accessibility of their medical records, and facilitates all amendments requests, requests for restrictions and other rights guaranteed by federal and tribal laws, as well as certification and accreditation requirements
  • Manages forms and form change management for the hospital
  • Actively identifies problems and opportunities for improvement; identifies appropriate solutions and involves other stakeholders in the design and implementation process
  • Fosters an open and collaborative style of communication and leadership
  • Provides strategic vision, problem anticipation and risk evaluation on an enterprise level
  • Anticipates industry direction and relates to future needs and projects.

Required Qualifications/Skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Management, Nursing, Business, Informatics or any other field relevant to the position
  • Registered Health Information Administrator (“RHIA”) as conferred by the American Health Information Management Association (“AHIMA”)
  • At least THREE (3) years progressively responsible experience in an acute care Health Information Management (“HIM”) department
  • Demonstrated competencies in all aspects of HIM departmental functions and leadership skills
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the fundamentals of hospital organization and administration, and laws applicable to healthcare information
  • Hands-on operational experience working with physicians and other clinical associates within the hospital and operations teams
  • Proven ability to handle difficult customers and provide excellent service
  • Calm approach in stressful situations

Physical Requirements:

  • Normal to light office work which includes the ability to lift up to 10 lbs.
  • Regularly required to walk, stand, and sit for extended periods of time and use hands to operate computer keyboard, phone, and various office equipment.

Cognitive Requirements:

  • Reading, writing, calculating
  • Above average social interaction skills
  • Reasoning/Analysis
  • Works with minimal to no supervision

Language Requirements:

  • Must possess the ability to read, write, and speak the English language fluently.
  • Must be able to continually and effectively employ professional verbal and written communications skills.

Certificates, Licenses & Registrations:

  • All applicants will comply with 45 CFR 1301, Subpart D, Section 1301.31, C and D, which require all prospective employees to sign a declaration prior to employment regarding all arrests and convictions of child abuse or violent felonies and to comply with PL 101-630 and PL 101-637 regarding criminal records check.
  • Registered Health Information Administrator (“RHIA”) as conferred by the American Health Information Management Association (“AHIMA”)

Education Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Management, Nursing, Business, Informatics or any other field relevant to the position


Thank you for your interest in the Winnebago Comprehensive Healthcare System! We’re pleased you’re considering working with us! Along with the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, we believe in providing opportunities to people of all nations to contribute to the heath and wellness of not only the Winnebago Tribe, but all who we serve. The WCHS offers competitive compensation and outstanding benefits, including:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability and more
  • Paid time for exercise at our Wellness Center
  • Vacation and Personal Leave up to 7 weeks by end of year 2
  • 10 paid Holidays
  • Benefits for Part-Time employees
  • And More!


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