Board of Directors Frequently Asked Questions

Does IaHIMA get a vote or say in what AHIMA decides and implements?

Yes, the board sends delegates that go every year to the state meeting where there is voting on different changes. With that is networking and meeting other individuals who are representing their state. Education is provided about topics that are emerging on the healthcare scene.

Is there a lot of travel involved?

There is some travel. The board needs to all meet in person about 3-4 times a year and the other meeting are virtual. We have been able to get the meeting location in a couple of different areas of the state to accommodate members that are in different parts of the state. The board does reimburse the board members for their travel miles. If you are a board member that goes to the National AHIMA meeting there is travel to that. The travel and lodging is reimbursed by the Board.

Do you have to pay to attend the state meeting?

As an active board member your registration to the state meeting is paid for. To be an active member you must attend at least 4 out of the 6 meetings during the year.

How much time do I need to delegate when being a board member or committee member?

The amount of time spent taking care of your responsibilities as a board member will vary depending on what position you hold. If there is a position you are interested in feel free to contact the board member and they can give you more information.

What does IAHIMA and AHIMA do?

  1. AHIMA is the leading voice and authority in health information. They are a go to source for education, information & solutions. It is a nonprofit organization made up of board members from all over the United States to be the voice of health care professionals
  2. IaHIMA is the voice of Iowa health care professionals. The vision is to “Transform and promote Health Information with transparency, education and leadership”.  The mission being “Advancing Health Information to equip and empower Iowans to impact healthcare”.

I’m not a public speaker, is there a board position where I do not need to speak in large group settings?

In some board positions, there will be some speaking at the state meeting. In the board meetings, there would only be speaking to fellow board members either in person or virtually, so not a large group setting. In either scenario, any speaking that needs to be done would be with something prepared for you to say. 

What are the benefits to being a board member?

There are many benefits to being a board member. You get to collaborate with and meet other professionals in health care. You get to have a voice in AHIMA. You get to help in different aspects of the state meeting. If there are speakers/topics you know of or want to hear you can take an active part in making it happen. You have a chance to meet and get to know professionals from all over the state giving you a chance to discuss different ideas/issues/scenarios.

I am a new healthcare professional and all of this seems overwhelming. Why should I join or get involved?

Many board members who thought this, started in a        committee position. On a committee, there are 2 members. The 2nd year member helps and guides the 1st year member. It is a great way to “dip your toes” to see what being on the board is all about. Many of these committee members ended up running for a board member position when their time on the committee was up.

What is AHIMA’s mission, core values?

The mission is “Empowering people to impact health”

The vision is “A world where trusted information transforms health and healthcare by connecting people, systems and ideas.”

The core values are: