IaHIMA Call for Nominations


We, Sarah Caddell and Andrea Kane, are members of the IaHIMA Nominating Committee and we are reaching out to YOU. Ideally, we would prefer to sit down together in person to share this information and enjoy a cup of favorite beverage while we learn more about each other.

Unfortunately, with 810 IaHIMA members scattered across our great state, we need to reach out to you electronically. However, please know that we really are thinking of YOU and would love to hear from YOU. Our email addresses are on the IaHIMA website so please don’t hesitate to send us a message with your thoughts.

Our goal is to increase involvement in IaHIMA Boards and Committees by asking (perhaps rather begging!) you to volunteer to run for an open position which is an opportunity to be a part of revitalizing IaHIMA and reigniting enthusiasm for the HIM field across Iowa.

Our current president, Gayla Smith, is doing a great job of leading the Board in updating policies and procedures, returning to a more structured approach, and seeking new ways to increase participation in IaHIMA but we still need YOU.

IaHIMA election participation rates:
2018 = 14% IaHIMA members voted
2019 = 13% IaHIMA members voted (103 of 810)

AHIMA election participation rates:
2019 = 3.08% IaHIMA members voted (25 of 810) — only four states had worse participation rates than Iowa

BEST: Arizona with 10.85% and 1000+ members
WORST: New York with 2.57% and 6000+ members

South Dakota with 8.21%
Kansas with 8.18%
Nebraska with 6.98%
Missouri with 5.91%
Illinois with 4.19%
Minnesota with 4.17%
Wisconsin with 3.84%

2020-2021 IaHIMA Board Positions To Consider:

  • President Elect – 3 year term
  • First Year Director – 3 year term
  • Treasurer – 2 year term
  • First Year Nominating Committee – 2 year term
  • AHIMA Nominating Committee

We have 6 meetings per year in person and/or by conference call. Location(s) are yet to be determined.

No one says “I want to be an HIM professional when I grow up”. We all either fell, stumbled, tripped, or were shoved into this complex field and then found we liked, enjoyed, loved, or hated it but cannot bear to leave it (at least not for long) !

We have a PASSION to help others. It is a daily challenge to meet/beat regulations, follow guidelines, and build positive professional relationships in a world of tight/dwindling resources and constant change.

Think of those who inspired or supported YOU in the field. They gave of their time so that you could be an HIM professional and have a state HIM association in Iowa. We all take turns in our career trajectory – mentoring, teaching, learning, helping. If YOU haven’t taken your turn, it is coming NOW or SOON.

IaHIMA’s future is in your hands! Will YOU keep it going or let it die?

  • Iowa – We can do better!!!
  • No Excuses!
  • Don’t automatically say “No”. Ask questions and find out specifics.
  • The time commitment is not as big or complicated as you think it is.
  • You can do it without formal training or prior experience.
  • It really can be fun!
  • If you care about HIM in Iowa, then YOU are a great candidate.
  • Be a part of the future. Share your ideas.
  • Offer the gifts of your time and perspective.
  • If not this year, then commit to 2021 or 2022.

This is OUR association.

Let’s own it and bring it into the next decade STRONG!


Click here to complete the call for nomination form.

Please see the website for more details on each position.