IaHIMA Call for Nominations

The Iowa Health Information Management Association (IaHIMA) Nominating Committee wants you to suggest fellow members and/or yourself as possible candidates for the IaHIMA Executive Board positions for the next fiscal year July 1 – June 30.


Nominations are open for the following 4 positions:

  • President-Elect: The President-Elect is an active member who performs all duties of the President in his /her absence or inability to act. The President-Elect is the chairperson of the Bylaws committee.
  • Director:
    • The First Year Director serves as the coordinator of the vendor area and is responsible for the menu. This includes contacting vendors and arranging the vendor area at the meeting location, selecting food for meals and snacks, and coordinating food with meeting site personnel.
    • The Second Year Director serves as the project manager for the coordination of the annual business meeting. This includes development and coordination of the educational program and speakers, the development of the program brochure and registration form, coordination with meeting site personnel regarding the meeting rooms, etc.
  • Secretary: The Secretary is an active member who keeps a permanent record of proceedings of all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors and to be the custodian of the Seal of the Association.
  • Nominating Committee: The committee shall prepare a ballot of at least two nominees for each office.