IaHIMA Informant – May 2020

Your IaHIMA Board would like to welcome you to our new and improved IaHIMA Informant!

Here you will find Messages from the Board, articles from AHIMA plus more!

Inside this issue:

  • 2019-2020 State Board Members
  • Final President’s Message for 2020 from Gayla Smith
  • Final President Elect-Message of 2020 by Michele Flattery
  • Marketing & Recruitment Liaison Report – Peggy Wolfe
  • AHIMA HiPitch Podcast
  • IaHIMA District C & IHCC Spring HIM CEU Session
  • Journal of AHIMA
  • IaHIMA Updated Districts
  • District Liaisons
  • Become a Board Member!
  • Nominating Committee Goals for 2019-2020 Submitted by Andrea Kane
  • IHA 2020 Report
  • Legislative Liaison Report by Carrie Arens
  • Physician’s Office Liaison Report by Megan (Weis) Imhof
  • 2020 Annual Meeting Scholarship Winners
  • Coronavirus Cancellations
  • Call for Nominations

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